The Latest Marketing Trends: Know and Be These Trends

Marketing is all about evolution. Evolution, in business terms, is adapting to the changes and trends of the market. For marketing to be successful, it has to create value for the brand that you have so that you can build relationship with the consumers. With the endless changes in consumer preference and exponential increase of […]


Business and Social Media: Making You Socially Relevant

Did you know that Facebook is the most visited website and 56% of its users access it daily? There is an average of 120,000 tweets sent every second on Twitter and everyday, there are five million images posted on Instagram. Apart from that, there are 800 million active Youtube viewers spending an average of 15 […]


8 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing for Your Business

The most common misconception among entrepreneurs is to think that because they already have a website they already have a sustainable online business. Having a website means having the equivalent of a store presence in the vast marketplace of the world wide web. No matter how awesome your product or service is, if nobody knows […]

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