Business and Social Media: Making You Socially Relevant

Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

Did you know that Facebook is the most visited website and 56% of its users access it daily? There is an average of 120,000 tweets sent every second on Twitter and everyday, there are five million images posted on Instagram. Apart from that, there are 800 million active Youtube viewers spending an average of 15 minutes per day streaming videos.

This immense power that social media have should be taken advantage by your business. Gone are the days when business transactions were just a simple exchange of cash. Only a few businesses thrive on personal selling now. Although traditional marketing is not yet passed and still an effective means, better ways can be done to achieve better results for your business and this is why people should use social media for their business. These are the top reasons why:

Increase Exposure

In 2016, the social media users would balloon to 2.13 billion globally, coming from 1.4 billion in 2012. Imagine your business on social media, exposed to billions of users! The possibilities are endless! In 2014, 99% of top brands uses Facebook while 97% uses Twitter. These top brands are being talked about billions of times by consumers because they are exposed to billions of users by their social media usage. This is why traditional marketing and advertising strategies cannot be fully used since they are constrained by their limited reach of audience.

Increase Traffic

Some say that the success of your business depends on the number of customer visits you have. This is true! It is every store managers dream to achieve a full house of customers because this means a lot of sales.

But traffic is not all about increased foot traffic – there is also click traffic. Click traffic is when customers transact with your business through your online accounts. By “clicking” your website URL, your customers have a way to transact with you.

Established businesses can further increase their traffic through social media because they won’t just have the foot traffic but the click traffic as well. In addition, increasing traffic through social media is inexpensive compared to having a store front that’s why most start ups uses this.

Generate leads

The easiest and fastest way you can interact with potential customers is through your social media account. Once you have one, people can literally reach you with just a click of a button. They can tell you all their needs by simply sending a message to your social media account’s message board. Since your business is more reachable because of your social media accounts, you can instantly reply to their needs or inquiries.

Once your potential leads are satisfied to what you have given them, they will be more willing to purchase from you in the future. In addition to these, through your social media accounts, you can study the behavior of your potential leads in the hope of transforming them to future sales.

Cost Effective

It is every business dream to generate a lot of sales by incurring lesser cost. With the economy growing exponentially, expenses grow high and as a businessman, you may want to lessen that aspect. Traditional marketing and advertising (ie. TV ad, billboards, on ground brand activations, etc.) would cost you thousands of dollars. Compared to social media marketing and advertising, a click is just $1-$5 worth and establishing a social media account is free and using its paid promos for wider reach is not expensive at all. In the end, what’s important is you get back the amount you spend or you can get even more!

Improve Sales

After your efforts exposing your business to the public, improving your traffic, studying and acquiring potential leads and incurring less expenses, the measure of a successful business is through its sales.

Because of the immense power of social media, even over its users, your business can really go a long way and earn a lot. Your business will be more accessible and more visible so communicating to your target customers will not be hard anymore with the use of social media. The more chance to talk to your consumers and sell your products or services, the more you generate sales.

Indeed, social media is what this generation is all about. This social media craze was brought by the ever changing and improving digital age that we are living in and because of the fact that everyone’s into it, this has been the major factor for social acceptance and has been the measure of your social relevance.

For your business to be socially relevant to its consumers, you must take advantage of the most socially accepted medium of communication now: Social Media. With the right tools, strategies and use of social media, in the end, your business shall prevail.

To be socially relevant as a business, your product offerings and even your promotional efforts, must be placed in context that social media has created. So what are you waiting for, “GO FOR SOCIAL MEDIA TO BE SOCIALLY RELEVANT!”

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