The Latest Marketing Trends: Know and Be These Trends


Marketing is all about evolution. Evolution, in business terms, is adapting to the changes and trends of the market. For marketing to be successful, it has to create value for the brand that you have so that you can build relationship with the consumers. With the endless changes in consumer preference and exponential increase of players in the market, heightened by innovation, most especially technologically initiated, companies needed to stay competitive to retain their current consumers but also to attract new customers.

Trends do not kill the classics. Everyone can attest to the effectiveness of traditional form of marketing. TV advertisements or billboards will always be present in a marketing plan of a company. Brand installations will always be a fun addition for your product’s trial interaction with your customers. But with technology being the main driver of trends now, a marketing manager will always take the opportunity for its products to be in trend. But this does not mean dismissing the classical techniques and tools in marketing. The marketing plan will just be trend-laden or in this case, technology-laden, to adjust to the demands of the changing times. Here are the latest trends in marketing, mostly technologically driven:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ever wondered why do some websites always appear first when you searched a particular topic using a search engine? That’s the work of search engine optimization (SEO). Visibility is the most important thing to any business. It is the only way for your company to be seen by the consumers likewise for your products and services to be known by potential customers. As part of the internet marketing strategy, different companies would provide a huge portion of its budget for SEO so that the company’s website would always be on the top of the listings of results.

Consequently, if a customer would look for something that they need, through the efforts of the company’s SEO initiatives, that customers will always see first its website and click on it and eventually would avail of whatever company provides. SEO provides a huge return on investment (ROI) later on. But it should be noted that for SEO to be successful, the company should have a high quality web page for consumer interaction.

Content Marketing

The most important thing for a customer is information- knowing your brand and what can you offer to them. In order to do this, the company should create every information about their products and services and promote in channels such as their websites or social media accounts and convert the people who visited and viewed their content into customers. This process is content marketing.

Unlike the usual advertising process where you sound like a salesman always saying, “buy…buy…buy!” content marketing lets your content speak for you to your customers. According to some studies, content marketing is more trusted than advertising because you answer what the customer really needs – providing keen knowledge about a certain topic, before they buy instead of creating his needs to persuade them to buy thus fostering a more organic interaction to your customers making your brand more legitimate. Aside from the reputation building that content marketing provides, it also supports your SEO strategies by accumulating more clicks from customers because of the information that you have.

Social Media Marketing

People thrive in social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, billions of people are in the social media world and one or more of those billions could be your potential customers. Evidently, social media has been a powerful tool for interaction and influence. People use it everyday and every time for almost everything that they do.

Because of its immense power for social interaction and influence, businesses can use this platform to interact with the customer and to influence them into patronizing their brands. In addition to this, social media marketing is not that expensive compared to classical marketing strategies. Most of the businesses partner their traditional promotional strategies with social media because it has wider reach for such a low cost expense, especially for distributing your information about your brand. Moreover, social media can improve customer service because the company can easily address the needs of the customers through their social media websites.

Mobile Marketing

One of the primary jewels of technological innovation is the creation of mobile phones. Truly, mobile phones have revolutionized the way we communicate. When mobile phones first came out, the primary use for this is to ease up our communication through hand held devices for text messaging and calling. But now, mobile phones are not just your text messenger but your social media holder, gaming and entertainment provider and even daily transaction maker as well.

The jack-of-all-trades capabilities of mobile devices would only show that the possibilities are endless with this therefore businesses should take advantage of mobile devices by including them in their marketing strategies. The company’s website and other platform for consumer interaction can be viewed using mobile devices. All you need to do is to make those sites and platforms mobile responsive so you can provide the same quality of services. Will mobile phone become the “would-be and be-all” in the following years? We can only hope so.

Knowing and being in the marketing trend surely provides the company innumerable returns. As the old saying goes, “Change is the only thing constant in this world.” Innovations in marketing will forever happen as changes in the market, especially with the consumers take place endlessly.

So what are you waiting for? Know and be these trends!

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